Sar Major Canvas Goods

Sar Major Canvas Goods and Trailers

Ken Major Pty Ltd remains a family-owned enterprise and is one of the largest canvas goods manufacturers in Australia. The original canvas division has diversified into the manufacture of tents, swags, water bags and tarpaulins in canvas and synthetic materials.

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Eagle Campers and Trailers

Eagle Trailers and Campers show-off the New Chief Lets Go Camping and Caravanning Super Sale
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Eagle Trailers and Campers Competition

Eagle Camper Trailers are an Australian owned and operated company that specialises in the sale of quality hard floor camper trailers in all capital cities including Adelaide, Perth, Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. They pride themselves on delivering hard floor camping trailers to their customers that are built to the highest of standards and are happy to offer any advice or suggestions to ensure you’re paired with the best product for your needs.

Australia is a beautiful country and the best way to see it is with a camping trailer. Eagle Camper Trailers range is of the highest quality and built to last for the tough Australian road and off road conditions. You can be confident when travelling, that any model purchased from them has been tried and tested in Australia and will handle the toughest conditions mother nature has to offer.

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Rhino Max

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Great off road performance means Rhino Max campers will go where ever you and your 4WD want to take them, whether you’re heading through Cape York or across The Simpson Desert you will find Rhino Max campers easy to handle even in the harshest of conditions.

All their campers are manufactured in Australia utilising the best of materials and Australian canvas.

Australian Made may need a little more explanation, as this is a claim many companies make. Rhinomax Campers are made from 100% AUSTRALIAN STEEL with 100% AUSTRALIAN CANVAS all made on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland.

With over 30 years experience in the engineering industry they utilise their industry experience to offer a quality product at an affordable price. Rolls Royce training has taught them that quality is no accident and after you have looked over their campers, you will agree.

Rhinomax Campers have been ‘Built To Go the Distance’.

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Mars Campers

WUDU Season7E15:Ally check out Mars Campers 'Spirit Deluxe'
Macca catches up with Mars Campers at the Lets Go Camping and Caravanning Super Sale

Mars Campers is proud to have trailers assembled in Australia with local and imported parts by a multicultural work force that are devoted to building with quality and attention to detail.

Their products meet Australia Design Rules and International stringent quality and innovative standards while remaining extremely affordable. When you shop with Mars Campers, you are making the right choice.Mars Campers are devoted to building quality campers purely built for camping and to bring outdoor leisure for everyone to enjoy – all at an affordable price.

A combination of in house designing expertise, reliable partners, efficient management of the supply chain and careful attention to customer needs and feedback ensures customer satisfaction.

They have an open flow communication with our customers. Mars Campers is dedicated to listening to customer feedbacks. All the ideas shared will ultimately be used to improve our products. They hold customer satisfaction in the highest regards and feel that word of mouth from our satisfied customers is the best advertisement. Their goal is to ensure the most safe and comfortable ride on the road.

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G&S Chassis

Product Spotlight - G&S Chassis
Product Spotlight - G&S Chassis
Product Spotlight - G&S Chassis
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G&S Tips On Chipped Or Scratched Paint
WUDU S9E06: G&S Chassis Lifestyle On Display

Since 1975, Australia’s leading caravan and mobile home manufacturers have been turning to G&S Chassis for reliable, high quality suspension systems, chassis and components, all backed up by outstanding customer service.

Family owned and operated, G&S Chassis’ two manufacturing centres in Campbellfield, Victoria design, engineer, build and finish steel and aluminium trailer bases for a diverse range of applications including mobile homes, portable structures, base telecommunication shelters and of course, caravans. Using a combination of modern technology and traditional hand-built craftsmanship, the company’s name has become synonymous with quality and consistency – trusted by the industry and by customers who own caravans and mobile homes built upon a safe and sturdy G&S Chassis. And with an aggregate trailer mass up to 4495 kg, it’s that peace-of-mind that has been bringing clients back to G&S Chassis for almost 40 years.

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Cub Campers

Cub Campers At The Melbourne LeisureFest
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WUDU S7E21: Macca on the Cub Camper
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About us

Choose from an extensive range of on and off-road campers, all fully customisable to suit your needs. All camper trailers are made in our factory in Sydney, and are available for sale and hire throughout Australia, New Zealand and North America.

Our Campers

Over the past 40 years Cub has developed a strong reputation for manufacturing camper trailers that are consistently durable and capable of withstanding both on and off-road conditions, including the harsh conditions of the outback. We are one of the best known and reliable Camper Manufacturers in the business.

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