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HardKorr Overlander GT Walkthrough
Hard Korr Lighting
Camper Tips #1 Packing
Camper Tips #2 Tyre Pressures on Sand
Camper Tips #3 Wheel Track
Camper Tips #4 Rocks
Camper Tips #5 Sand
Camper Tips #6 Solar
Hard Korr Walkthrough - Overlander GTS

Australia’s toughest camper trailers.

Where we lead, others follow.

We push the limits of technology and durability to create products of unparalleled quality. We’ve earned our position as market leaders through relentless pursuit of perfection.

When Hard Korr Campers entered the camper trailer market, there were two types of campers: those that were overpriced, and those that under-delivered.

We set out to fill the middle ground, producing easy to use, genuine “Cape-ready” off road camper trailers without the exorbitant cost.

Among our standout features are the easy 10-15 minute setup, huge amounts of storage, high-quality full chassis and heavy duty components.

The newest addition to our camper trailer range, the Overlander GT, has been designed from the ground up by our in-house engineering team and we firmly believe it cannot be matched by anything else in the market.

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Vacationer Caravans

WUDU S10E4 AL KO Tough Test Vacationer Caravans
WUDU S9E12 Vacationer Caravans
WUDU S9E08 Mark Molloy shows around the Vacationer Rough Rider
WUDU S9E08 Cooking with vacationer

Vacationer Caravans supply a great range of models and layouts to suit all budgets and needs.
With our Retail experience together with our manufacturing experience we believe our vans are well priced and built with the right features to set the trends and keep ahead of today’s market.
We understand the needs and wants from our consumers from being on the front sales line and having listened to them to help us package our vans to suit majority of clients.

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Nextgen Caravans

WUDU S9E27 The NextGen Next Level
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AUS RV Reveal The New Byfield & Wollemi Vans
AUS RV's Lighter and Stronger vans
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Essential Caravans

Peter Knights Has Nothing But Praise For His New Essential Caravan
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Atlantic Caravans

Atlantic Caravans Limited Edition Endeavour
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Legend Caravans

WUDU S08E15: Go Find Gold With The Legend Caravans Groundbreaker
WUDU S10E10 Legend Caravans on display
WUDU S08E15: Go Find Gold With The Legend Caravans Groundbreaker
Legend Trackline
Legend Groundbreaker
Sydney Show - Legend Caravans
WUDU S10 EP20.9 - Legend Tough Test

Legend Caravans is a family owned and operated Caravan manufacturing company with over 25 years of industry experience. Established in 2008, our prime objective is to build the best quality range of caravans and recreational vehicles, using the BEST available components for our most valuable partners and our customers.

Legend Caravans service priorities

  • Our management and staff are committed to provide our customers with the BEST service.
  • Service Delivery – To deliver a range of services to our customers based on the principle of continuous improvement.
  • We are always learning and sharing, have pride in what we do, are quick and responsive to enquiries, foster flexibility, trust and honesty in our workplace, respect, team work, open communication and maintaining a good working environment.
  • Customer Service Management – To provide timely and appropriate services to our customers, with superior safety levels and high quality.

Legend Custom Caravans

We manufacture a range of custom caravans to suit your individual needs and requirements:

  1. Kick Back Range    – Full OFF-ROAD
  2. GroundBreaker       – Full OFF-ROAD
  3. Ultimate Trackline   – Semi OFF-ROAD
  4. Trackline Range      – Semi OFF-ROAD
  5. Wild Native      – Touring van (On-Road)
  6. Cruiser    – On-Road or Full Off-Road
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Retreat Caravans

The All New Keppel From Retreat Caravans
WUDU S09E01: The Retreat R&D With New Technology
WUDU S09E01: The Retreat Family Getaway Finale Auction
WUDU S09E01: The New Retreat Keppel
WUDU S09E01: Meeting Some Of The Retreat Family
Retreat Family Gathering - Mudgee 2017
Retreat celebrates 10 years with new slideout caravan @ 2016 Vic Supershow
Adelaide Caravan Show 2015 - Retreat Caravans
Border Expo 2014 - Retreat Caravans
What's Up Downunder Convoy for Charity - Retreat Hamilton
WUDU Summer Series E02 - Retreat Hamilton - RV On Display
Retreat Caravans - Hamilton - One of the Best of the Best Caravans & RV's 2013

Creating dreams across the far realms of this continent.

Retreat Caravans provides safety, security, convenience and comfort to ensure that you’ll always get the best adventure every time you go on a journey.

A family-owned and operated company, we do not only share the passion to travel, but also to design and build caravans our customers can totally rely on – wherever they want to go. We build for Australian conditions so our warranty and after-sales service apply nationwide.

We listen to our customers and make sure that we incorporate every brilliant idea that they have regardless of where they’re from.

With Retreat Caravans, the journey is really about YOU.

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