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Hear the amazing story behind Option RV's new tribute series van at the 2016 Brisbane Caravan Show

Founded in 2007 by Chris Dumaloski, Option RV set out to build a quality caravan that met the needs of experienced travellers. In the early days he would hear the same complaints about other brands and what people wished they had in their old caravan. From this they set about designing our caravans to include many features that were considered extras.

Access to electronics, fridge fans, larger sinks, rolled bench tops, LED lighting, Footstools, more draws are some of the items that were constantly mentioned. Hence the Distinction was born, their flagship model. On the other hand the Tornado range consists of  the same build quality and attention to details minus some of the more luxurious features, which can always be added anyway. The family van range has also evolved and today are some of the more spacious and better fitted out examples on the market. Their latest release the Traction is taking the off road caravan world by storm with its fresh exterior and great value.

In 2014 Option RV currently employ 15 full-time staff and Chris is still active on the factory floor. His wife Mary manages the admin side of the business, while their 3 sons Steve, Phil & Damien have all stepped up into managerial and quality control roles. Each van is given a final check and detail by at least one of the boys and sometimes all 3 of them get in there to get the job done.

The company have a lot of confidence in their product and are very proud of what they have achieved with Option RV. A major milestone in 2013 was the design & commencement of construction on thier new manufacturing plant in Campbellfield, Victoria. Doubling their current floor space, the idea is to have a better flowing production line with the addition of in house CNC machinery to keep their lead-times to a minimum, but also safety & efficiency to a maximum. Due to be completed early 2014 this building is testament to their hard work and customer support over the last 6 years.

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