New Age Caravans

From their inception in 2009 New Age Caravans have prided themselves on understanding what people want or foresee in a modern caravan. This has been achieved by keeping up to date with the latest technology and construction methods and by expanding their facilities and product offerings. Under guidance from Director Gabby Montagnese, New Age Caravans have gone from strength to strength, building a brand and reputation as one of Australia’s leading manufacturers of caravans and recreation vehicles (RVs).

The first caravan produced by New Age was a product of the likes the industry had never seen before. Modern styling and an innovative interior and exterior were the key factors to the resounding initial success. The next year New Age Caravans produced seven different designs and was growing at a rapid pace, making them the envy of their competitors. Other manufacturers scrambled to keep up with the revolution within the industry – often copying design concepts employed by New Age.

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