Legend Caravans

Legend Caravans is a family owned and operated Caravan manufacturing company with over 25 years of industry experience. Established in 2008, our prime objective is to build the best quality range of caravans and recreational vehicles, using the BEST available components for our most valuable partners and our customers.

Legend Caravans service priorities

  • Our management and staff are committed to provide our customers with the BEST service.
  • Service Delivery – To deliver a range of services to our customers based on the principle of continuous improvement.
  • We are always learning and sharing, have pride in what we do, are quick and responsive to enquiries, foster flexibility, trust and honesty in our workplace, respect, team work, open communication and maintaining a good working environment.
  • Customer Service Management – To provide timely and appropriate services to our customers, with superior safety levels and high quality.

Legend Custom Caravans

We manufacture a range of custom caravans to suit your individual needs and requirements:

  1. Kick Back Range    – Full OFF-ROAD
  2. GroundBreaker       – Full OFF-ROAD
  3. Ultimate Trackline   – Semi OFF-ROAD
  4. Trackline Range      – Semi OFF-ROAD
  5. Wild Native      – Touring van (On-Road)
  6. Cruiser    – On-Road or Full Off-Road
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