Diesel Care

WUDU S10E13 Service Safe
WUDU S08E21: Diesel Care's Steinbauer Power Module
WUDU S08E23: How A Diesel Care Fuel Filter Can Save Your Engine
WUDU S08E18: Diesel Care's Steinbauer Power Module
WUDU Season7E09: Dieselcare on their range of fuel filter kits
WUDU Season7E06: Diesel Care installs a Steinbauer Power Module
The Diesel Care fuel filtration kit at the 2016 Sydney Caravan Show
What make Diesel Care the Industry leaders in Diesel Engines?

About Diesel Care

Only the best and most active specialist diesel businesses are chosen to be part of the Bosch and Zexel Diesel Service Network. As further recognition of our quality and customer care, Diesel Care has the honour of being one of few hand-selected ‘Bosch Diesel Centres’ in Australia.

As a ‘Bosch Diesel Centre,’ we are acknowledged to have a high level of technical competence, comprehensive service facilities, the best test equipment, and the highest standard of service.

Our staff undertake regular training to ensure they actively apply the latest knowledge and technology, and our workshops undergo regular inspections and upgrades from Bosch to ensure we meet the strict criteria.

We are very proud of the Bosch name and have adopted the Robert Bosch’s promise of quality in providing the highest standard of products and service to our customers.

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