Coromal Caravans

WUDU Summer Series 4 Episode 1 Coromal Element 612
Best of the Best Caravans 2014 - Coromal Appeal
WUDU Summer Series 3 Ep02 - Coromal Appeal
Live from the Melbourne Supershow 2015 - Coromal and Windsor Caravans
Coromal Elements 612 On Display
Coromal Elements 612 RTP On Display
Coromal's new range & a new Takalvan yard at 2016 Brisbane Caravan Show
WUDU Summer Series 5 Episode 4 - Coromal Caravans On display
Coromal launches new off-roader and Princeton Slide-Out at the Perth 2016 Show
Coromal is bringing the Princeton to Mildura
Coromal reinvents the Princeton with the slide out at the 2016 Perth Caravan and Camping Show
Chapman Caravans dealing Coromal in Nowra since 1997 at the 2016 Sydney Caravan Show
Coromal's 'Princeton' joins the Convoy for Charity at the 2016 Melbourne Leisurefest
WUDU Series 6 Episode 23 Coromal Elements
WUDU Series 6 Episode 24 Coromal Element 612
Coromal Caravans - Best of the Best 2015/2016
Coromal Windor's new Hybrid Caravan/Camper
WUDU S08E22: The Limited Edition Coromal Element 612
What's Up Downunder S05 E06 - Coromal Atlas
Coromal on fresh new looks & slideout @ 2016 Vic Supershow
Coromal Caravans on their new PioneerX4 at the 2016 Sydney Caravan Show


Welcome to Coromal Caravans.  They build some of the safest and well-built caravans in Australia, manufacturing a complete range of products including Camper trailers, Pop-top caravans and full-size Caravans. Coromal Caravans is Western Australia’s largest caravan manufacturer and one of the largest in Australia. If you’re in the market and looking for adventure, choose Coromal Caravans, the home away from home that’s Built for Adventure.

Coromal have been building caravans for adventurous Australian families since 1977 and over the years Coromal Caravans have become one of the most recognised and safest caravans in Australia.

Coromal is Western Australia’s largest caravan manufacturer and one of the largest in Australia and is renowned for building quality products, including Camper trailers, Pop-top caravans and full size Caravans. 

Every model from entry level through to the top of the range is built with exactly the same standards. Meaning you’ll find every Coromal fitted with a fully independent Knee® suspension, galvanised chassis system and Bridgestone and Firestone tyres.

Coromal’s dealer network includes over 75 service agents stocking an extensive range of spare parts throughout Australia, giving you peace of mind wherever your journey takes you. 

So from everyone at Coromal, choose the caravan that’s Built for Adventure.

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