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Track Trailer

Track Trailer is proudly Australian owned and manufactured. We develop and offer truly innovative, high performance, recreational vehicles. Track Trailer remains committed to working with its local suppliers to bring the best technology and insightful design to the market and is particularly focused on the environmental impact of its products, increasingly addressed by enabling more fuel efficient tow vehicles to use them.

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Trakmaster Caravans

Each Trakmaster unit is a custom built vehicle made to the specifications required by the purchaser.

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traveller caravans

Travellers Off Road Caravan

No company goes to greater lengths than Traveller in creating ‘high-end’ luxury models that on every measure of excellence are a joy to own.

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Trounce Caravans

Trounce Caravans

Trounce have been supplying caravans since 2003, with hard work and dedication they have built up a reputation for excellent service to their large client base.

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ultimate campers

Ultimate Campers

Australian-designed, light weight combined with an Ultimate’s signature aerodynamic contours allows for a more fuel-efficient and environmentally-friendly off-road adventure.

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Universal Caravans

As Australia’s ultimate slide out caravan specialists, Universal Caravans manufactures top-of-the-range luxury vans so you can create the lifestyle you’ve always dreamed of.

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Van Cruiser Caravans

Van Cruiser are one of Melbourne's largest Independent Caravan and Camping stores. Van Cruiser has the Best Brands at the Best Prices!

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We are proud to say since 1986 Vantec RV Care has been Australia’s foremost system of Protecting & Preserving Exterior Paintwork and the Interior Soft Furnishings of New Caravans and RV’s. With over 30 years experience we have proven that Vantec treated caravans retain their value. Having treated thousands of vans & RV’s Vantec has proven its one off treatment is superior to any others and will keep your van or RV looking new for longer. Vantec’s revolutionary caravan protection system is used and recommended by over 40 of Australia’s Leading Caravan Dealers.

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