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A picture tells a thousand words and if you’ve ever wondered how important a Diesel Care filter system is in your diesel engine then I suggest you watch this video.

We sometimes hear from diesel car owners who think they’ve done all the right things to look after their diesel engines.

This was the case when a viewer, Jarrod contacted us with his story. Even though Jarrod lives in a semi-rural area and does loads of kilometers at speeds up to 100kms per hour weekly, he ended up with a diesel problem.

Early in 2019, Jarrod took off with his family on their dream trip from Melbourne to Alice Springs.  They got as far as Mildura when their three-year-old car broke down due to dirt in the diesel engine.

Was it the dusty roads? We will never know but had Jarrod installed the Diesel Care Filter System their vacation wouldn’t have ended spending his entire vacation in Mildura and they wouldn’t have been several thousands of dollars out of pocket after getting their car repaired.

A Diesel Car Filter System is an insurance policy that your fuel will always be clean.

Footnote: While Jarrod and his family never made it to Alice Springs this trip, they ended up having a ball in Mildura and will aim for Alice on their next vacation.  And, on top of that, the manufacturer of their car ended up refunding most of their repair costs as it was deemed Jarrod had always followed the correct procedure that was supposed to keep their Diesel engine clear of contaminants.  He’s also installed a Diesel Care Filter.

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