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Tasmania South West Wilderness Area

When Angie and Macca heard about the tours Lou from Wild Pedder Tours run, there was no chance that we wouldn’t be spending time with them. The premise is simply show off the beauty of Tasmania’s world class wilderness area whilst providing gourmet meals with great accommodation.

First off was a Kayak Trip on Lake Pedder, all safety equipment and gear to stay dry is provided plus training and guidance for novices. Once Angie, Macca and the crew went through this we hit the water. The Lake was perfectly still making for great filming; Lou and his assistant John provided much history on the area and pointed out flora and fauna including Wedge Tailed Eagles. The Kayaks were very stable and easy to control as we travelled to a waterfall across the Lake.

At the waterfall, Lou surprised us with Hot Chocolate and delicious local homemade Chocolate Brownies. Macca considers himself an expert on smoko, and rates this as one of the best ever.

The return trip there was some more wind but it was still easy to row, we saw more Eagles and really noticed that there were so many beaches around the shore. Lou told us that there was over 2000 beaches around this lake system. The Hydro Electric Plant provides 25% of Tasmania’s power and around 3% of Australia’s total electricity.

In contrast to the fine condition the previous day at Lake Pedder, a wet day greeted us for a Walk in the Styx Valley. Lou had prepared for this and provided rain coats to keep us dry. The Styx Valley contains the tallest hardwood trees in the world, with many reaching 25 storeys tall and estimated to be over 400 years old.

Again Lou pointed out the flora and fauna plus teaching us about the history on the pleasant walk amongst the giant trees. Truly amazing is the only way to describe the size of the trees.

Combining a guided tour with the comfort of Lake Pedder Wilderness Lodge makes the perfect trip, we can’t wait to get back.

Thats a wrap of our Tasmania trip, we hope you enjoyed tagging along!

Written By Jason Lock

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