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Travelling to Tasmania

On a glorious Melbourne Summer Morning; Macca, some of the crew and myself met in Port Melbourne to board the Spirit of Tasmania. Macca received plenty of waves and comments from fans whilst being directed by the friendly staff to the security check. The vehicles were inspected and checked for gas bottles, fuel and any dangerous substances that may be stored separate to the vehicles and vans on the journey. You are also asked to dispose of any fruits you are carrying, to keep Tasmania free of some of the pests we have on the big island.

The staff and the loading process really help with what could be a daunting task of manoeuvring your vehicle and van onto the parking garages. We saw some great touring set ups including an Australian made OKA set up for touring.

We spent an enjoyable time on the rear deck heading out of Port Phillip Bay looking at the sights surrounding us, lots of boaties enjoying the weather and talking to a lot of fans who loved having a photo taken with Macca.

The refurbished Spirit of Tasmania provided a wide choice of refreshments and buffet meals, lots of activities for all ages from face painting, live music, a full cinema plus lounges.

Before we knew it we could see the coast, so we ventured out onto the deck to watch our arrival to Devonport. We were then called to the parking garage to pick up our cars and were greeted by the staff who guided us off the ship.

Once we had our wheels firmly set on the road, we headed to the Discovery Parks – Devonport to wait the arrival of the rest of the crew. The park is really well laid out with easy to manoeuvre sites for the tired traveller and a lot of cabins, plus a seaside view.

Looking forward to showing you more of Tasmania over the rest of our Trip.

Written By
Jason Lock

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