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Destination Three – The Beautiful Junee

Destination three – the beautiful junee

What a little gem this town turns out to be. Generous and giving the townsfolk really rallied for our visit.

Our hosts at the Junee Tourist Park – Jodie and Sean couldn’t do enough to help us settle. (More about them later.)

Poor Robby drew the short straw and was sharing a cabin with me again – this looks like it’s the theme for the trip as we’re the only two female cast and crew members and it just wouldn’t be right to lob her in with the likes of Macca, for either of their sakes.

It’s bloody hot up in these parts at the moment so the air-conditioned comfort was welcome but not for long as there is a heap to see and do around Junee.

We visited the Monte Christo Historic Homestead. I’ll be honest, I didn’t get there because any talk of ghosts kind of freaks me out a little and this place is filled with haunted history. The vast collection of dolls is another reason I didn’t make it but the rest of the convoy went and said it was fascinating. They spent the rest of the day talking about the homestead’s history, the collection and the fascinating people that owned it. Perhaps I should have sucked it up and gone – I’ll watch the segment on What’s Up Downunder instead.

I did however make it to the Junee Liquorice and Chocolate Factory – nothing scary there for me in fact the smell as soon as you walk in brought me to a very happy place. Again, a fascinating place where you can watch delicious delicacies being created. You can even take part in the making of the chocolate if you wish.

There’s a restaurant, café and of course a retail outlet where you can buy a range of their products – and we did.

Destination three – the beautiful junee

We were fortunate enough to have Merv Hughes with us in Junee – what a legend. Merv has an association with New Age Caravans who are on this trip with us. He is so much fun. He joined us at the Liquorice & Chocolate Factory, in fact he did the interview with the owner, then it was back to the caravan park for a quick game of cricket. Love that guy – such a friendly, fun person to be around.

(By the way, I don’t think the Red Cow Hotel in Junee will ever be the same after a big night there with Macca, Robby and Merv “helping” behind the bar.)

Our Happy Hour to raise funds for Rural Aid was on Thursday night, our second day in the park. This is where the townsfolk and the park owners showed us just how generous country people are. We had donations from the local Junee Bakery, beautiful sausages from Brad’s Butchery in town and an amazing turn up on the evening.

What a great night. Jodie and Sean could not do enough to help make the night a success. They joined in, even cooking burgers then donating ALL the money raised to Rural Aid.

I love that little town Junee. Friendly, generous and above all welcoming to our group. We don’t mean to make a big noise when we arrive but it’s not unusual that people “notice” our arrival – eight big vans behind eight big cars with crew cars in front or behind. But nobody seems to be too bothered by our existence. Nobody seems to be getting grumpy when our convoy is travelling down the road. Everybody greets us with a smile and a wave or a nod.

Country, it is different to city and Junee proved that in the best of ways.

Now it’s on the Darlington Point, our accidental town we stumbled across on the map because we couldn’t get accommodation in the bigger town we were heading for (as I said, we are a big group). Let’s see what this town delivers….

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