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Destination Five – Denliquin

So, we head to Deniliquin after leaving sleepy Darlington Point. It’s been so peaceful and quiet at Darlington Point and then BAM like a bucket of cold water thrown in our face we get slapped with the buzzing, vibrant and partying crowd that are taking advantage of the Melbourne cup-day long weekend (well, not officially a long weekend but this is Australia – right?) and headed to Deniliquin.

Kids on bikes, kids on scooters, kids running, kids swimming and all of a sudden, I’m transported back to my own childhood where we were free to take off and explore.

BIG4 Deniliquin Holiday Park is an exceptional park with owners and managers who really care about the place. They also really care about the visitor’s experience and as such have gone to great lengths to make sure this place is immaculate with a heap to do within the grounds of the park.

And what about the location? Set right on the banks of the Edward River in the Murry Riverina Region. The river is abuzz with water skiers, kids on donuts and of course the park’s own little Pontoon Boat that’s available for guests to use.

We once again brought the rain to the town. We were running our Happy Hour the day we arrived so it didn’t give us much time to come up with a contingency plan. But we didn’t need one. Due to start at 6 pm the rain cleared about 5 pm and out came the punters. There was such a great vibe and everyone was in a generous mood donating kindly to Rural Aid, the charity we are supporting along the way.

Apart from our charity, we like to show off the eight Best of the Best caravans we have with us on the convoy. Because the park was packed to capacity it meant we couldn’t have the vans near where the Happy Hour was – and we wouldn’t have moved the Happy Hour from that superb location, so an SMS went out to park guests saying the vans would be “Open for Inspection” at 5 pm. My goodness, the amount of traffic that went through those vans was phenomenal.

The night was truly a hit, we had a ball and we’d like to think the people who came to our Happy Hour had a great time too. Thank you BIG4 Deniliquin Holiday Park – to all the staff, you were just magnificent.

Deniliquin is a sizeable town and there are loads of hidden gems around the area to visit. We did so many fun things in a couple of days we were there – a round of golf at the Deniliquin Golf Club, a bit of hooning on the Deni Ute Muster Tour, some crazy mountain bike riding then taking it down a notch with a Lagoon Walking Tour and some fishing and then we were done.

I do need to give a shout out to the Centerpoint Motel in Deniliquin. Because of the influx of Victorians, the BIG4 Deniliquin Holiday Park was fully booked on our arrival – they could fit our eight Best of the Best on powered sites but those of us in the cast and crew that normally stay in cabins had to spend the first night in a motel. It was lovely. Those rooms were huge, spotless, comfortable and quiet. I can’t speak for the rest of the crew but I know I slept like a baby there.

But we were very happy to join the rest of our “gang” at the park for nights two and three.

I can’t recommend Deniliquin more highly. The people are friendly, the town has everything and the BIG4 Deniliquin Holiday Park is a great advocate for the entire region.

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