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Destination Four – Darlington Point

Darlington Point – What A Find

I’m sure there are plenty of people who have heard of Darlington Point before but for some reason we were not familiar with this town. We stumbled across it when there was no room for us to stay, on our Convoy for Charity, in bigger, nearby towns. And boy, did we hit the jackpot.


It turns out the park we were staying in – Darlington Point Riverside Caravan Park – had a new manager. Luke Payne had only taken over the park on the Friday, one week to the day before we arrived. He and his staff had worked tirelessly to ready the park for our arrival – and it was fantastic.

It was very warm the day we’d arrived. We were so delighted to see the park was shaded in beautiful Oak trees, nestled on the river. It’s no secret that on these trips when Robby and I are bunking in together we kind of expect (well at least I do) the best accommodation on offer – after all, we don’t have a beautiful caravan to stay in (they’re taken up by our convoyers) and we figure the guys on the trip aren’t as impressed as we are with décor. So, we were delighted to walk into our cabin with its brand new air conditioner, clean (and I suspect) new linen and a beautiful bottle of red wine as a welcome gift.

Darlington Point is a close-knit, small town with a couple of cafes, an Italian restaurant a few convenience stores and at the heart of it all, a pub “The Punt” – just over the bridge from the caravan park. What better way to meet the town folk than have a couple of frothies at the local – it was a very warm day remember.

Friendly, these people were incredible. The pub was very accommodating. It was decided, at 4.30pm that we would eat dinner at the pub rather than have our caters who had just travelled a couple of hours from Junee and who were as heat effected as the rest of us, cook for 35 of us on the trip. No problem they said.

We had a great night and met so many interesting people. Many of them work at the solar farm “up the road”, some at the Almond farm and plenty of them (loads of French) were staying at the park, working on local farms to extend their visas. It’s kind of difficult to describe the ambience. These were mostly young people with so much worldly experience – it was a truly great night.

As you know we are travelling around the Riverina area, showing off our eight Best of the Best Caravans while raising funds and awareness for Rural Aid. In each town we stay at we throw a “Happy Hour”. Usually an outdoor concert with some of our talented convoyers performing while we sell sausages and raffle off prizes we’ve had donated along the way.

Guess what we brought to Darlington Point – RAIN! (You’re welcome.) Our Happy Hour was Saturday night (the day after we’d spent a good “shift” at The Punt. Due to start at 6 the skies opened up at 4.30 meaning we weren’t able to use the Caravan Park meaning Luke misses out on some free advertising. “No problem” said Luke, “we’ll do it at The Punt”. The word went out and within an hour I think the entire town (and surrounds) had turned up to celebrate with us.

What a night we had. Our Happy Hour turned in to a happy couple of hours. There was singing, dancing and general gaiety. It turns out we love Darlington Point, we love Luke from the Darlington Point Riverside Caravan Park and we love The Punt!!

There were some attractions we visited while in Darlington Point, it wasn’t all hanging out with Luke at The Punt. Griffith is only 30 kilometres away so there was a trip into town to visit some local attractions – we are making a TV show after all. 

I was a little sad to say goodbye to Darlington Point, it was such a great vibe for us. But alas, it was time to move on so we’re off to Deniliquin for a few nights!!! I’ll let you know how we go there soon…

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