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Merimbula – Heart of the Sapphire Coast

This year on our 2018/2019 Go Make Some Memories Convoy for Charity we are heading up the Sapphire Coast. While we explore this beautiful part of Australia we are also taking the 8 best of the best caravans/RVs and putting them on show.

Our first stop is the heart of the Sapphire Coast, Merimbula, then we will head up the coast to Tathra, this coastal town is rich in history and traditions of the sea. From Tathra we will be heading to Bermagui, a destination that borders on perfection and is surrounded by sea and National Parks. Our next stop will be Batemans Bay, the heart of Australia’s oyster coast. From Batemans Bay we travel up the coast to Jervis Bay, boasting some of the most pristine and beautiful beaches along the coast, you will be captivated with the towns crystal-blue waters and resident dolphins. We end our journey in Kiama, A beautiful seaside destination, Kiama is famous for its blowhole – a natural rock formation that spouts seawater 20 metres or more into the air.

The night before day 1 of our Go Make Some Memories Convoy for Charity the convoyers started arriving in Merimbula, at the beautiful NRMA Merimbula Hoilday park. When we arrived we were welcomed by the friendly staff who made us feel at home, this pet friendly park was incredible, with spectacular ocean views,  resort style heated pool, tennis court, beach volleyball court and a mini water park, it was very quickly becoming apparent that the convoyers were going to have trouble packing up and leaving.

The first official day of our Go Make Some Memories Convoy for Charity was off with a bang. Today our cast and crew were split up to visit two attractions. Some of the convoyers went to Oaklands Barn, a South Coast gem and the Dyson Family, From Caravanning with Kids went to Potoroo Palace Native Animal Educational Sanctuary.

Potoroo Palace is a not-for-profit organisation that is passionate about caring for endangered and injured animals. Many of the animals in the sanctuary are native to the Merimbula area. The Dyson family had a ball here, the Dyson children got to see and array of animals. They got up close and personal with koalas, kangaroos and even a python named cuddles.

While the Dyson family were enjoying the local wildlife the rest of the crew and convoyers visited the Oakland Barn. This unique establishment is home to a number of different businesses, one of these being the Longstocking Brewery. Obviously many of convoyers were more than eager to visit a place famous for its delicious craft beer. While some of the convoyers decided to hang out at the brewery a little longer than planned, some of the group made their way over to the animal barn. Cost of entry to the animal barn was a gold coin donation, this contributed towards the cost of feeding and looking after the animals. After saying goodbye to the ponies, donkeys and goats the crew headed back to the Holiday Park for lunch.

While everyone was eating, Therese and Dave Proust gave me a tour of their Next Gen caravan, the Next Level. They started off by telling me their favourite thing about this van was that it was perfect for going off-road, the Prousts are well known for going right off the beaten track, so having a off-road caravan like the Next Level was perfect for them.

After Lunch it was time for our first official town fundraising walk. The cast and crew got all dressed up in their Cure for brain Cancer Foundation purple tops, pins and wrist bands. The town of Merimbula really showed their support for this charity and were very generous with their donations.

As day came to a close the cast, crew and convoyers sat down to reminisce about their fun filled day, but before everyone’s day cam to a close there was one last thing to do, our Summer Series Challenge. This year Defibs R Us are donating $1000 for every challenge we have. This challenge it was Team Macca and Team Robby in a race to set up an awning on a caravan. It was a close one but team Robby took the win.

Day 2 was an early one. Just like yesterday the convoyers were split into two groups, some of the convoyers went horse riding and others went kayaking and stand up paddle boarding.

The Dysons and the Prousts were the luckily ones that got to go horse riding at the Wolumla Horse riding Adventures. Everyone was full of excitement as they saddled up. Kate and Ashlee Dyson said they had so much fun.

The rest of the convoyers took off to Coast Life Adventures. Here the convoyers got a lesson on stand up paddle boarding, it was a miracle not one of them fell off. After their paddle boarding lesson they finished off with some kayaking.

Everyone got back to the holiday park and it was straight into setting up for our first official Happy Hour. We had a ton of local acts come in and perform for the crowd, Merimbula seems to be a musical hub. We also had our usual super stars Fireman Ron and bush poet Prousty. As the music played the convoyers opened up their 8 best of the Best vans for display, and people were excited to be able to walk through them and ask questions. Over at the JB Marlin, the Dyson children were holding a Golden Circle tasting station with fruit pouches and fruit salad. As the evening came to a close we held our usual raffle for charity. This year we had some great prizes dontated from Camec, Caravan RV Camping, Award RV, Maywest caravans, Golden Circle, clearview, Trojan Parts and De Fibs R Us. The Happy Hour was a massive hit and we raised some much needed funds and awareness for CBCF.

The next morning the convoyers, cast and crew packed up and began their journey to our next stop, Tathra.

Wondering where to stay while in Merimbula? Click Here!

If you would like any more information about our Best of the Best caravans, visit their websites. Avida, CrusaderJB CaravansKokodaNova Caravans, Next Gen Caravans, Paramount 

If you would like to donate to to the Cure Brain Cancer Foundation click here!

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