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Kiama, fun in the sky and on the ground

On our last stop of our Go Make Some Memories convoy for charity we rolled into Kiama, a beautiful seaside destination, Kiama is famous for its blowhole – a natural rock formation that spouts seawater 20 metres or more into the air.

Our home in Kiama was Seven Mile Beach Holiday Park . This park is not your standard holiday park, this holiday park is situated on the beach and the river and they have kayaks, tennis rackets and fishing gear available for hire so you know you will not get bored staying here. From deluxe spa cabins to pet friendly unpowered sites they have every type of accommodation to suit your next holiday.

On our first day in Kiama, Robby took some of the convoyers and went on a rainforest adventure with Illawarra Fly Treetop Adventures.  Everyone had so much fun zip lining through the trees and walking along the tree top walk, through the lush surrounds of the magnificent Southern Highlands. While Robby was busy flying high above the tress, Macca took the rest of the convoyers to The Treat Factory. Here Macca and the convoyers tasted some of the handcrafted varieties of chocolates, confectionery and preserves the factory had on offer.

When everyone was back the Dyson children once again decided it was the perfect time to do some town fundraising.  We couldn’t believe how many people and businesses came out to support us in Kiama. This was the perfect town for our last fundraising tour.

On our second morning in Kiama The Dyson family went to Jamberoo Action Park . This action park was one for the family. The Dyson children had an amazing time on all the wild rides such as the perfect storm and Adele enjoyed cruising down the Rapid River. It was a fun filled day for everyone, in the afternoon everyone set of for Granties Maze .  Granties Maze initially started out as a traditional maze with a network of paths and hedges designed as a puzzle through which one navigated with the objective to solving the puzzle and winning a prize. Granties Maze is slowly evolving into a Fun/Amusement Park where children of all ages can be amused with attractions, rides and other events for enjoyment in a safe rural environment.

Everyone was having so much much fun, that we decided to host our very last Defibs R Us charity challenge through the maze. We have been so lucky to partner with Defibs R Us, an amazing organisation that recognises some of the concerns about using and having access to a deffib machine and invest allot of time educating and alleviating anxiety around the product. It was team Robby with Adele Dyson and team Macca with Peter May, they had an intense race through the famous maze but in the end it was team Robby that took the final trophy.

As night fell we kicked off our final Happy Hour with with Fireman Ron and some fantastic local talent. The crowds quickly gathered and soon enough every caravan was  completely full of people wanting to know why our 8 best of the best really is the best of the best.

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