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Exploring Batemans Bay From High Above

We are now half way through our Go Make Some memories Convoy for Charity, we are in Batemans Bay. Batemans Bay is the main town at the sparkling entrance of the Clyde River and is the ideal location for a seaside holiday.

Our home in Batemans Bay was the Big 4 Beach Resort. This Resort was amazing, aside from the staff who were amazing this resort had accommodation for every type of holiday and every budget, including deluxe beachfront holiday cabins, spa beachfront holiday cabins, two storey holiday cabins and a variety of camping grounds to chose from, including beachfront campsites as well as the option for caravan parks with ensuite’s. For the kids the resort offers mini golf, jumping pillow, tennis court and a resort style swimming pool.

We decided that the first item on the agenda was town fundraising, at this point the Dyson children led the charge and gathered everyone. We couldn’t believe how many people and businesses came out to support us in Batemans Bay.

Once everyone got back from fundraising the Dyson family gave me a tour of the JB Caravans Marlin. Adele told me that this was a perfect family van “last year we were lucky enough to have the JB Scorpion, and when I found out we had another JB Caravan I couldn’t wait to see which van we would get, this van did not disappoint it was so spacious, the girls had no problem spreading out and having their own space”. Made from fibre glass walls and one piece fibre glass roof the Marlin is as strong as it is luxurious.

On our second day in Batemans Bay we had something special for Therese and Dave Proust, they were going skydiving with SkyDive Oz. Dave had been sky diving before but this was a first for Therese and she was understandably nervous. Dave and Therese suited up, went through all their training and before we knew it they were walking to the plane. Up in the plane Therese, although smiling and excited, barely said two words because she was so nervous. Dave was the first to jump and minutes later Therese followed. We waited for them at their beach landing spot, and as they came in for the landing they were both over joyed with how fun it was.



The Proust’s weren’t the only ones having fun, everyone else made their way to Mogo Zoo. Mogo Zoo is a privately owned zoo that has an amazing collection of endangered and exotic animals. Mogo Zoo proudly boasts the largest collection of primates in Australia, and is spread over many acres of beautifully landscaped gardens. From Snow Leopards to Rhinos, our convoyers had a ball feeding and learning all about the animals.


After everyone got back it was time to set up for happy hour, but first we held our Defibs R Us charity challenge. We were lucky enough to have a beach volleyball court. So team Robby and team Macca got their teams together and the first to five points was the winner, Team Robby took the win this time.

Happy hour kicked off with Fireman Ron and some fantastic local talent. Batemans Bay is famous for oysters and we were lucky enough to have some local oysters on site.  the Its always important to remember why we do the Summer Series Convoy for Charity. The Cure Brain Cancer Foundation is the leading organisation for brain cancer research, advocacy and awareness in Australia, forging alliances globally to achieve their mission to increase five-year survival to 50% by 2023. CBCF take a highly strategic approach to both identifying and defining research projects in Australia and internationally across the entire research pathway. We couldn’t be happier to support such an amazing charity.

The next morning the convoyers, cast and crew packed up and began the journey to our next stop, Jervis Bay.

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