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Today marks the end of our 5th Summer Series, Go Make Some Memories Convoy for Charity! We hope you have enjoyed following us on our social media channels, attending our happy hours and meeting us along the way, we have certainly enjoyed getting to know you all.

Our last day started once again with a delicious breakfast from our catering girls (this is important as it ensures that we all operate efficiently), Harry our Production Producer/Director gave us the rundown of the day, as normal park overlay, reflections, cooking segment and interview. The stage crew were already setting up, Dometic and the National Breast Cancer Foundation staff got involved with setting up merchandise and raffle prizes!

We had great live show filled with very talented musicians, the fireworks were amazing and the caravans had a lot of foot traffic. Thank you to everyone who has  donated along the way, every cent makes a huge difference in assisting the National Breast Cancer Foundation in reaching their goal of ZERO deaths by 2030!

Thank you to all our sponsors and supporters, we could not have done this without you!

Stay tuned, the 6 episodes will be airing in January 2017, you might see yourself on TV!

If you would like to donate to the National Breast Cancer Foundation please click here!

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