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Surfing it definitely takes talent

There is definitely an elegance, grace and skill required when it comes to surfing that not everyone has (maybe you’re just born with it), and that is certainly true with one of our WUDU members! Can you guess who??

In the morning the crew spilt into 2 groups, Tania, Angie, Prousty and a few crew members went fishing and Macca, Fireman Ron, Wayne from Lotus and one of our caravanner families went surfing.

It was a struggle locating where our surf lessons were in the national park of Cape Conran (and on the way back to camp, we got lost) but once we found it we were greeted by our lovely surf instructors from Surf Shak. Once we had our wet suits on and our surf boards we walked on down to the beautiful beach, the waves were perfect for beginners and little ones. They demonstrated and informed our crew on the currents, layout of the beach and how to surf. Fireman Ron nailed it (he has surfed before in his younger years), the others will certainly need more practice but managed still managed to get up (then fell straight in) and loved every second of it (even though the water was absolutely freezing!).

When we arrived back to camp we ate our delicious lunch that our catering girls kindly make for us daily (we each have our own lunch bag that we collect each morning) as well as breakfast and dinner. Macca and Wayne filmed a cooking segment (this was very interesting, stay tuned for that airing in Jan), and the rest of us worked (we never stop) on what ever we needed to get done before it was time to set up for our Happy Hour.

Tonight was another successful night raising money and awareness for the National Breast Cancer Foundation, the caravans were never empty, Tania had a few fans asking for photos and autographs, Fireman Ron was singing (and Macca joined in) Prousty our Bush Poet was a hit and everyone who attended was so generous with their donations, merchandise and raffle ticket purchases. Congratulations to our prize winners, we hope you enjoy them and enjoyed your night with us (we will see you all at the pub shortly!).

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