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Our first day is a wrap!

After a long drive yesterday for some, and a relaxing day for those who were a little smarter and arrived at Tween Waters Merimbula on Saturday (with a few stop over’s along the way), we settled in for the night with some delicious food, caught up with our hosts, caravanners and crew, to say we were all very excited to see each other was an understatement. Most of us hit the pillow early to ensure a successful nights rest and sleep for today’s adventures.

Today was our first day of filming, we like to make sure on the Summer Series that we are up and ready at 7:30 for our breakfast where we sit, eat (obviously) and given the rundown of the day’s events.

Tania, Macca and the a few of the film crew went to Kiah Wilderness Kayak Tours whilst the rest of the team unloaded the Go Make Some Memories Van holding our very exciting Raffle Prizes! If you would like to WIN one, make sure you come along to one of our Happy Hours or our Halloween Concert! For more info visit our website! From there we continued to work on what it was we needed to that day, for some it was cleaning the caravans, others checking and answering emails or making sure everything back home continues to tick over!

During the Kiah Wilderness Kayak Tour on Towamba River, a truly hidden gem in the sapphire coast! Macca and Tania had a lovely paddle taking in the beautiful tranquillity surrounding them, the wild life was abundant! Jenny the tour guide gave them a resonating statement “its nature at your own pace”. This is an experience that all ages can enjoy and feel comfortable participating in, Russel from Trakmaster had never kayaked before, he was a little apprehensive to begin with but quickly started loving it!

Half way through their journey they paddled over onto a lovely sandy beach where they enjoyed their morning tea, freshly brewed coffee and a warm muffin. Whilst on the tour you are given a brief history of the town and region which makes it that little bit more special.

Whilst Macca and Tania were on their tour, Angie and the remaining film crew ventured off into town capturing some beautiful images of what is the Merimbula Township.

To wrap up our first day we all gathered for our nightly feed at 6pm, enjoyed our delicious desert, Sticky Date Pudding (definitely the crowd favourite). We are now all cozying up for the night with a beer or wine in hand, relaxing in our chairs/caravans and chatting away with our good friends.

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