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Today was a pretty exciting day, we visited the Yea Winery, Cider and Brewery, where we learnt how to bottle wine, we went tin rattling in Yea and played riverside cricket after dinner!

Theres nothing better on a Saturday morning then starting your day down at Yea Winery, Cider and Brewery, we were greeted with, tea, coffee and hot chocolate before we were shown the process of bottling wine. Then it came to doing it ourselves (this was going to be interesting)! We had a few participants, and a few quality control (taste testers)!

First Step: Fill the wine bottle
Second Step: Finger measure
Third Step: Cork it
Fourth Step: Clean it
Fifth Step: Capsule it
Final Step: Label it

This was an amazing and unique experience, if you’re looking to visit a winery but want something different than the typical walk around then this is for you!

Once we wrapped up our tour we headed back to camp for some lunch before we went back into town for some tin rattling! What a beautiful sight it was seeing locals and travellers alike out in the sun sitting on the grass and just enjoying the simple things in life! Thank you everyone who donated.

We had a delicious Roast Pork Roast for dinner cooked by our wonderful catering girls (they are very talented), and then we all played some riverside cricket, this was a bunch of fun seeing all ages get involved, we did loose a few tennis balls to the river (hence the riverside cricket), but our trusty team retrieved them (one of our camera guys lost his wallet when he went fishing for the ball).

We now end the night with a glass of wine, from which we had bottled earlier today.

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