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Today we took a beautiful scenic route through West Gippsland to the gorgeous town of Healesville and the Big4 Yarra Valley Park Lane Holiday Park. There was no mucking around, it was straight into setting the caravans up, eat lunch and off we went to Hedgend Maze.

Hedgend Maze is a fantastic place that has somethings for everyone! Their objective is to create an environment that challenges and encourages people to explore in their innate state, enhancing positive associations and expectations of physical gratification and pleasure through your senses.

Admission into Hedgend Maze allows you to enjoy full access to all of their park attractions, 18 Holes of Mini Golf , 9 Rounds of Frisbee Golf, Famous 1.2km Hedge Maze with a secret message to discover inside, Fossil Dig, Mini Native Maze, Giant Eye-Spy Mural, Agility Maze, Rainbow Lateral Thinking Maze and Chookology.

If you’re looking for more of a thrill then do what we did, experience a LIVE adrenaline fuelled version of Call Of Duty, in an outdoor battlefield. Laser Sport can be described as a combination of modern computer games and military training scenarios, where players work with a strong emphasis on tactics, stealth and strategy in order to win missions.

We got dressed in our camo gear, had our faces painted and were handed our laser guns (they were surprisingly, a little heavy), we were shown our battlefield and Tania and Macca chose their teams. Hat Team: Macca, Angie, Ron, Di and Adele, Hatless Team: Tania, Amber, Wayne, Ashlee and Bruce. This was a challenge for charity, so it was important that we got down & dirty and into character! We all had a lot of fun, we were running, army crawling, hiding behind trees and laying on the ground trying to take out the other team.

This is a great team building exercise if you’re looking for one, it takes coordination, communication and team work to win (skill is a bonus if you have it)!

We look forward to tomorrows adventures, and if you’re attending our Happy Hour in Yea, we are excited to meet all of you!

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