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We climbed to the highest spot in Australia

A day of reflection at the Jindabyne Holiday Park, before we head off to Canberra, after one of the most incredible and amazing experiences of our lives. Macca, Angie and Adele  will never forget the day they climbed to the very top of Mount Kosciuszko, neither will all the crew who also hiked up the mountain with film gear in hand, all made possible by New Age Caravans. 

Hats off to our wonderful sound tech Chris who carried about 25kgs of equipment the whole way. We were guided by Ranger Gillian, and despite the weather turning, we were determined to make it to the top for sunset and we all had our fingers crossed that the clouds would lift.

The hike is spectacular with breathtaking views of the Snowy Mountains from every angle. The higher we got, the thinner the air became and we could all feel it in our chests. Only slightly, but oddly, it made us feel ALIVE! The temperature was dropping fast and we were all very thankful that we had on gloves, beanies and cold wet weather gear.

Adele from Caravanning with Kids went live on Facebook for a brief minute when she had service and posted this little clip of the team, nearly at the top:

Getting to the summit was exhilarating. What a view! We had the mountain to ourselves and soaked up the fresh, cold air and spectacular views. The cloud lifted briefly so we could see the amazing changing colours and the sun dipping in and out.  Then the clouds and wintery weather started to close in. It was incredible to watch, it happened very quickly and soon,  we were swimming in clouds and the temperature had dropped to just above zero!

Hi Ho…Hi Ho…it’s down the mountain we go! What an experience, one that we will NEVER forget and we all gave our bucket lists a massive TICK!

We arrived in Canberra at the Capital Country Holiday Park and the Caravanning with Kids team hit the jumping pillow and mini golf for some well earned FUN after the drive.  A spacious holiday park with some very special guests. Kangaroos! We spotted over 12 as we walked around the park which has fantastic facilities for everyone, including catering for big school groups.

Stay tuned as Macca, Angie and Adele enjoy more adventures in their New Age Caravans, this time in Canberra…a highlight is sure to be the Dawn Service on Anzac Day at the War Memorial.

If you would like more information about the impressive New Age Caravans range, please head over to their website here –

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Written by
Adele Dyson from Caravanning with Kids

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