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Buchan Caves & a hilarious golf play off

Buchan surprised us with a thick layer of fog as we awoke on day 2 of our New Age Caravans Snowy River tour. It was a glorious site to behold and Macca, Angie and Adele from Caravanning with Kids rugged up as there was no way to tell if it would lift. The Whats Up! Downunder  crew headed into Buchan to explore the Buchan Caves. A cave system that none of the crew had been to before, so there were lots of excited grown ups on the way. Autumn is truly a spectacular time of the year around the Snowy Mountains, crisp mornings followed by sunshine. We were met by Parks Victoria and the Gunaikurnai Traditional Owner Land Management Board  who gave us a unique insight into the land and the cave system.  We turned into a big bunch of kids as we headed down into the Royal Cave.

The caves are a major tourist attraction for Buchan and for East Gippsland. Daily tours are conducted in Royal Cave and Fairy Cave. Royal Cave features calcite-rimmed pools and in Fairy Cave features elaborate stalactites and stalagmites. Both caves are lit, have walkways and have a constant temperature of 17 °C making it a comfortable temperature all year round. There is access to short and long walks in the surrounding bushland and the nearby Snowy River National Park. Amenities include campsites and cabins, picnic ground, playground and an information centre.  Our tour blew our socks off! We all felt like we had been transported into a magical fantasy world. Fabulous for the kids and the big kids too.

With the sun shining bright we headed off to the Buchan Valley Golf Club where Macca and Adele had a side splitting round of golf. Both are novices (or not very good!) and they all belly laughed their way around the course. Dennis was there to help out and told them all about hole 14 with a grand prize of $1000 for a hole in one. The challenge was set and Macca, Adele and all the crew had a crack. No luck for any of them today, however, if Rusty had of been aiming in the right direction we think he might have come close.

Stay tuned as Macca, Angie and Adele head from Buchan to Jindabyne…on a road that proved to have it’s highs and lows.

If you would like more information about the impressive New Age Caravans range, please head over to their website here –

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Written by
Adele Dyson from Caravanning with Kids

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