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Kilmore to Broken Hill

After months of preparation, a huge 4-episode trip was planned from Kilmore, just out of Melbourne, all the way to Broken Hill with lots of interesting stops along the way. Our trip commences out of the G&S Chassis Factory.

G&S was founded in 1975 by Paolo and Francesca Inturrisi, it is a family business that has grown into the largest independent chassis manufacturer in Australia. Sal, Rob, Nina and Giovanni Inturrisi have continued the business that their parents started over 40 years ago. The Inturrisi family are long-time friends of WUDU and their staff and their facility reflect the passion that they have for this industry. Many of the staff have been there for years and there is a strong focus on the family of the staff with BBQs and Picnic Days for the staff’s kids at their nearby farm.

Sal’s kids, Paolo and Lious, kept the crew hydrated whilst Giovanni flew his drone capturing some truly spectacular views! Macca, Tania and the crew met up for a factory tour and to pick up the 4 caravans for our G&S Chassis trip to Broken Hill. We were lucky enough to be lent their Ranger as a support vehicle and Oricom UHF made sure we had communications covered for the crew.

With the vans loaded up we headed to their farm for a delicious BBQ, what a spread. This was their late fathers; Paolo’s dream, he grew up in the Sicilian town where he earn’t money picking olives. He dreamed about having his own plantation and after migrating to Australia at the age of 21, through hard work with G&S Chassis he realised his dream. After his passing the family have continued his dream.

The Intrussi family turned on their famous hospitality with giant steaks and a fantastic spit. 3 Generations of the family and lots of staff camped with us plus a visit from Warren our Executive Producer to enjoy the hospitality.

Written by Jason Lock

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