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Taronga Western Plains Zoo

Today was a very special day for our presenters Macca and Tania, neither of them had ever been to Taronga Western Plains Zoo. As many times as they had both been to Dubbo, they had never stopped in. And what day it was! The first job on this crisp, foggy morning was for Macca to secure some transport; you can walk, drive your car, hire bikes or grab a buggy to cover the 6km circuit; what do you reckon Macca did? Buggy it is then!

First stop was a keeper talk with the friendly staff on the White Rhino. While Macca was trying to entertain the zoo keepers cracking a joke or two about Rhinos, Tania just wanted to head over and see the Meerkats. These little critters are so cute. They were out and about sunning themselves after a chilly Dubbo night. The next stop was the Giraffes and a quick talk from another one of the helpful staff; there was also an opportunity to feed them a carrot. Macca had to keep an eye on his hat, but Tania had the carrot-feeding action down-pat. Next was the Savannah Safari Tour on the specially built bus. Make sure you have your camera ready as there are lots of opportunities for some great shots. Apart from many animals walking around in the open, you will notice the Savannah Cabins right on the edge of the exhibit; did you know you can stay overnight in the zoo? Imagine waking up to a Giraffe strolling past your balcony!

Last stop for us was a close-up experience with the Asian Elephants; these majestic creatures were up for a bit of play time and an apple for their rewards. And who doesn’t love a baby elephant!
There’s so much to see and do at Taronga Western Plains Zoo; our tip from the staff is to get a two-day pass. Spend the first day trying to get around and listen to all of the keeper talks, they’re very informative. Make a list of your favourite animals and spend more time on your second day visiting them.
Well, it’s nearly time for us to hit the road again. Our next stop is Mudgee, but something tells me Tania is looking like she is ready for some adventure, so we’ll have to see what we can find on the way.
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Jayson Packett | Offroad Media Productions
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