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Bylong Creek Continued
We sure have enjoyed our stay at Bylong Creek, 4X4 park, the people, the whole off-road experience. One of the benefits of coming to a park like this is you get so many terrain environments in such a compact space. It’s a perfect opportunity to put your 4X4 or your off-road van through it’s paces, all in the one place. You quickly learn what your gear is capable of and what you do and do not know. That’s how you learn.
As we are packing up, Macca and Tania cook brekky, and doesn’t it smell good!  Another one of Macca’s “one pan” wonders. Grated Potato, Bacon, Onion, melted cheese, Macca decides he is going to call this creation his “Bylong Creek Hashbrown.”
Overnight we have received another inch of rain; this Basalt Clay is going to be slippery. You know what they say, “what goes up must come down,” we got these vans up here, now we are going to have to get them back down again. On the way up the hill these vans were a dead weight holding us back, now they will be pushing us down the hill. We have a quick chat about it and decide that low and slow is the order of the day. We check tyre pressures, make sure that all our gear is secure. We pick a low gear, stay light on the breaks and keep the vans moving slowly. With a little bit of slipping and sliding, we get them down without too much fuss. This park sure has been a great experience. We recommend everyone head out there and have some fun.
Leaving the Bylong Creek 4X4 park, we head through Ryalston, a quick stop to get some fuel and then onto Kandos. We have heard about a neat little motorcycle museum in Kandos, and we can’t wait to check it out.  If you are into old school motorbikes, especially Harley Davidsons then make sure you stop and the Kandos Motor Cycle Museum. You will see some very rare bikes on display, plenty of vintage bikes that you won’t see anywhere else. Ken and takes us through a quick guided tour. Hearing about the history of these incredible machines and how difficult it is in restoring them gives you are a real appreciation for the passion and hours of love that goes into a museum like this. There is a vast range of bike
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