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Streaky Bay, the glittering town along the Eyre Peninsula

Our next stop on the Dometic Follow the Sun Convoy for Charity is Streaky Bay, known for its glittering streaks in the water across the bay, which is how this gorgeous town got its name.

As the convoy arrived at the Streaky Bay Foreshore Caravan Park, they couldn’t believe the beautiful surroundings of this magnificent Holiday Park. Set on the waterfront, this beautiful property boasts not only amazing views and beach front cabins, but also first-class amenities. As the convoy started to set up they couldn’t help but be distracted by all the Pelicans roaming up and down the shoreline.  After setting up it was decided that a picnic on the beach was the perfect way to spend the first night.

As the sun started to rise over the water, Angie, Robby and the Napthali family packed their bags and set off to go swimming with some special friends. Swimming with Sea Lions and Dolphins is a must while in Streaky Bay. The Napthali children couldn’t hold back their excitement as they hopped onto the boat, and within minutes they were jumping for joy as they said hi to their first sea lion. Alan, their amazing host from Baird Bay Ocean Eco Experience explained “it’s an in your face, wildlife experience, arguable you won’t get closer to true wild animals like this”.

Not everyone went swimming, some decided it was the perfect Saturday morning to put on their pink hats and head off for some town fundraising. Our hosts and the Dyson children walked through the cafe filled town and met some of the locals. It was fantastic hearing some of the stories and reasons as to why people were happy to donate money to such a wonderful foundation.

Back at the Caravan Park Bruce and Marg Gow took us on a tour of the Coromal Pioneer. Marg was very excited about all the space this caravan provided “when we stepped inside, we thought we don’t need a family van, but this is so well designed”. The upholstered dinette provides a comfortable zone for meals or watching TV in the comfort of air conditioning. Two convenient roof hatches provide optimum airflow, this is the perfect family van for your families next Australian adventure.

Time really does fly when you are in paradise, that’s right it was time for our Streaky Bay Happy Hour. Happy hour kicked off with all the locals coming out to support The National Breast Cancer Foundation and they were in for a very special surprise. Ron and Prousty performed and the crowd was full of glee singing along, then as we thought the happy hour couldn’t get any more exciting we had a celebrity guest come and perform, Adam Harvey. Adam was in town on tour and was gracious enough to come down and perform a few songs and get the crowd going well into the night.

Our last day was another beautiful one and it was time for our 5th Charity Challenge, where it was team Robby vs team Angie, and it was an old school one. It consisted of wheelbarrow races and sandcastle building. It came down to the last second, but team Robby won and boy Angie not happy.

It was now time to pack up the convoy and head towards The Gawler Ranges.

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