Yambuk Lake, Victoria

1/9 Video Thumbnail Macca, Merv & Squizzy Start In Yambuk
2/9 Video Thumbnail Victoria's Largest Dormant Volcano At Budj Bim National Park
3/9 Video Thumbnail Macca Leaves The Boys To Tour Suffoir Winery Brewery & Distillery
4/9 Video Thumbnail Warrior 10 Ensuite Hybrid Camper Competition
5/9 Video Thumbnail Checking In At Yambuk Lake Caravan Park
6/9 Video Thumbnail New Age Caravans MY22 Road Owl Range
7/9 Video Thumbnail Noticeboard S12 Ep29
8/9 Video Thumbnail Merv Goes Fishing With Salty Dog Charters
9/9 Video Thumbnail

Nestled beside the tranquil Yambuk Lake in Victoria, Australia; you can pitch your tent or pull up your caravan and sit back and enjoy the serenity. Macca, Merv Hughes & Squizzy travel to Yambuk in New Age Caravas’ Big Red. They take a tour of Budj Bim National Park, meanwhile Macca tries to take a selfie with the Victoria’s Largest Dormant Volcano and visits Suffoir Winery Brewery & Distillery. They checkin at Yambuk Lake Caravan Park and spend the day in the caravan. Merv finally gets to go fishing with Salty Dog Charters.   So, join us as we show you What’s Up Downunder….

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