WUDU Series 8 – Episode 03

Full episode
The G&S Chassis Factory
A visit to the Inturrisi family olive farm
Family, Food & History
Macca talks with Sal about the history of G&S Chassis
Giovanni has some helpful pack up tips
Bendigo Park Lane Holiday park
Macca visits the True Brew Brewery
Windsor Coromal's 40th anniversary competition
Tania visits the Golden Dragon Museum in Bendigo
Keep the outdoors outside with Camec's floor mats
Macca & Tania tour the Central Deborah Gold Mine
Tania shows off the Billabong Wanderer

Macca and Tania kick off the third episode of season 8 catching up with some of the guys from G&S Chassis, and begin their first leg of the journey on the road to Broken Hill.

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