1/12 Video Thumbnail Introduction
2/12 Video Thumbnail Kids Can Help
3/12 Video Thumbnail Off to Australia Zoo
4/12 Video Thumbnail The Fun Begins
5/12 Video Thumbnail Australia Zoo II
6/12 Video Thumbnail Tree Top Challenges
7/12 Video Thumbnail Coyo Yoghurt and Icecream
8/12 Video Thumbnail Lunchtime at Rick's Garage
9/12 Video Thumbnail Quell Fire Protection
10/12 Video Thumbnail Kokoda Scout Caravan
11/12 Video Thumbnail Ingenia Holiday Rivershore
12/12 Video Thumbnail Tasty Snacks for the Family

Welcome to the 2nd episode in our 4-part family fun journey traveling the beautiful Queensland in Aura and Kokoda Caravans. Families start from their journey from Scarborough and travel to Australia Zoo, where they pet some animals. Next stop on this magical tour was the Tree Top Adventure Park where the families climb some trees. Meanwhile, our explorer, Macca discovers some organic yogurt and visits the iconic Big Pineapple. The journey ends with the head chef of Driftwood restaurant, Ian and Macca creating a signature Pork Belly. David from Quell talks about alarms for Caravan market and Macca runs us through Kokoda Scout Caravan.

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