1/11 Video Thumbnail Introduction
2/11 Video Thumbnail Our Brand New Silverado
3/11 Video Thumbnail Meet the Hoopers and the Martins
4/11 Video Thumbnail Scarborough
5/11 Video Thumbnail Scarborough Holiday Village
6/11 Video Thumbnail An Early Breakfast
7/11 Video Thumbnail Red Cliff History
8/11 Video Thumbnail Scarborough Beach Park
9/11 Video Thumbnail Australia Wide Annexes
10/11 Video Thumbnail Undersea Putt & Play
11/11 Video Thumbnail Sunset Beach Pavillion

Traveling in a caravan is often thought of as something only retirees do. On this trip, Macca is joined by two families, the Hoopers and the Martins with their little ones on a journey that starts in Scarborough Queensland, and ends in Bundaberg all thanks to Kokoda and Aura Caravans.

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