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Warrnambool, Victoria

Warrnambool, Victoria

Victoria - Series 12 12 videos

1 Video Thumbnail Introducing Warrnambool
2 Video Thumbnail Macca and Raymond Take a Look at The New Age Big Red
3 Video Thumbnail Checking In At Surfside Holiday Park
4 Video Thumbnail Taking a Dip At The Mineral Hot Springs
5 Video Thumbnail Rave About Beers At Noodledoof
6 Video Thumbnail New Age Caravans - Big Red Ensuite Slider
7 Video Thumbnail That Awkward Moment When Macca Goes To The Wrong Bathroom
8 Video Thumbnail Robby and Andy Have Some Putts At Lake Pertobe Mini Golf
9 Video Thumbnail Warrior 10 Ensuite Hybrid Camper Competition
10 Video Thumbnail Noticeboard S12 Ep27
11 Video Thumbnail Going For a Ride At Lake Pertobe Motor Boats
12 Video Thumbnail Macca Says Goodbye to Robby in Warrnambool

What’s Up Downunder, S12, Ep27

Macca, Robby and the team travel to Warrnambool in Victoria, a 3r drive from Melbourne in New Age Caravans’  ultimate touring van, The Big Red.  They set up their caravan at Surfside Holiday park and take an immersive and relaxing dip at Deep Blue Hotel and Hot Springs, meanwhile, Macca babysits Robby’s little bubba, Baby Jewels. Next they travel to Koroit, 20 mins from Warrnambool where they check out Noodledoof Brewing and Distilling where there’s something for everyone. Robby and her dad headed for some Mini Golf at Lake Pertobe Mini Golf and the team goes for a ride at Lake Pertobe Motor Boats. So join us as we show you, What’s Up Downunder!!!

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