Rolling Solo – WUDU S12, Ep19

1/11 Video Thumbnail Introduction
2/11 Video Thumbnail Rolling Solo
3/11 Video Thumbnail Peace of Mind
4/11 Video Thumbnail All Seasons Holiday Park
5/11 Video Thumbnail Solunar
6/11 Video Thumbnail REDARC GoBlock
7/11 Video Thumbnail Fossey's Distillery
8/11 Video Thumbnail New Age Caravan's Road Owl
9/11 Video Thumbnail Noticeboard
10/11 Video Thumbnail Studio De Vin Paint & Sip Studio
11/11 Video Thumbnail Cooking with Brad from Solunar

Angie Hilton rolls solo in this episode and takes you from Melbourne to Mildura in New Age’s Road Owl, showing you all the beautiful sites along the way. Steve Timmis from Fossey’s Distillery teaches you how to make a perfect G&T and Angie creates a beautiful painting at Studio de Vin Paint and Sip Studio. Meanwhile, Robbie checks out the Rolling Solo, the Australian all female Camping road tripping and adventuring community, who were celebrating their annual festival.

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