Queensland Family Fun Trip WUDU S12, Ep18

1/10 Video Thumbnail Introduction
2/10 Video Thumbnail On the Way To Bundaberg
3/10 Video Thumbnail Bundaberg Rum
4/10 Video Thumbnail Lady Musgrove Experience
5/10 Video Thumbnail Splitters Farm
6/10 Video Thumbnail Intelixnsat
7/10 Video Thumbnail Sunday Pancakes
8/10 Video Thumbnail Macadamia's Australia
9/10 Video Thumbnail Tina Berries
10/10 Video Thumbnail Red Shed Seafood

This is the last of our 4 part series as we travel with the Martin family in the Aura Caravan and Hooper family in the Kokoda Caravan from Maryborough to beautiful Bundaberg, home of the famous  Bundaberg Rum,  It was a great trip as we visited the Great Barrier Reef on the Lady Musgrave Experience, stayed at Splitters Farm and set up for our last night feast thanks to Macadamia Australia, Tina’s Berries and Red Shed Seafood. And Robby runs us through Intellisat’s latest mobile technology.

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