Kui Parks Tour Wraps Up In Childers

1/8 Video Thumbnail Introducing Childers
2/8 Video Thumbnail Lake Redbrook Holiday Park
3/8 Video Thumbnail Flying High Bird Park
4/8 Video Thumbnail Chatting With Bert From Kui Parks
5/8 Video Thumbnail Eagle Campers • Camp In Luxury Competition
6/8 Video Thumbnail S13 Ep12 Noticeboard
7/8 Video Thumbnail The Day Tragedy Struck In Cheerful Childers
8/8 Video Thumbnail Goodbye To The Kui Parks Tour

Whats Up Downunder, Kui Park Tour, Ep4

Just 181km east of our previous destination Monto sits Childers, a town on the Bruce Highway known for its hospitality and tourist offerings – and our final stop on the Kui Parks Tour.

So, join Macca and Tania on the last leg of Kui Parks Tour on What’s Up Downunder….

Don’t forget to enter into our competition for a chance to win a Camper Trailer.

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