Kui Parks Tour Kicks Off

1/10 Video Thumbnail Introducing The Kui Parks Tour
2/10 Video Thumbnail Barambah Bush Caravan Park
3/10 Video Thumbnail Queensland Dairy & Heritage Museum
4/10 Video Thumbnail The Ration Shed Museum
5/10 Video Thumbnail NCE - Microwaves
6/10 Video Thumbnail Eagle Campers • Camp In Luxury Competition
7/10 Video Thumbnail Clovely Estate
8/10 Video Thumbnail S13 Ep9 Noticeboard
9/10 Video Thumbnail Rocko Langton Peforms For Kui Parks Guests

Whats Up Downunder, Kui Park Tour, Ep1

Caravan parks have shifted further towards resort style living in recent years, but that doesn’t mean traditional, more laid back options no longer exist. Macca and Tania are invited by Kui Parks to the Queensland hinterlands to explore these options.

So, join Macca and Tania as they show you Queensland hinterlands on What’s Up Downunder….

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