Family Fun Tour Arrives at Lang Lang

1/11 Video Thumbnail Family Fun Tour Arrives at Lang Lang
2/11 Video Thumbnail Our Mates at Lang Lang Foreshore
3/11 Video Thumbnail Breakfast At Lang Lang Foreshore
4/11 Video Thumbnail Gone Fishing With Graham Risdale
5/11 Video Thumbnail Lang Lang Golf Club
6/11 Video Thumbnail CIV Tips N Hints - Aggregate Trailer Mass
7/11 Video Thumbnail MSA 4x4 Accessories - Powerfold Towing Mirrors
8/11 Video Thumbnail Palace Hotel Lang Lang
9/11 Video Thumbnail S13 Ep6 Noticeboard
10/11 Video Thumbnail Eagle Campers • Camp In Luxury Competition
11/11 Video Thumbnail K & D Injectibles

Whats Up Downunder, Family Fun Tour, Ep2

Jenny & Graeme Sidebottom have decided on a van – New Age Caravan that suits their needs, done a tow course, now it’s time to drive to their first stop in Lang Lang – a beachside town only an hour out of Melbourne. Macca whips up a delicious breakfast for the family and they later go to Lang Lang Golf Club to play golf. They have dinner at Palace Hotel Lang Lang and Macca pampers himself at K&D Injectibles.

So, join Macca, Jenny & Gra as they show you Lang Lang on What’s Up Downunder….

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