Century Batteries Tough Tour Concludes

1/8 Video Thumbnail Macca Makes Tania Anzac Biscuits Before Hitting The Road
2/8 Video Thumbnail Tough Tour Continues To Dodge The Storm
3/8 Video Thumbnail Dargo Union Spur Mine
4/8 Video Thumbnail Product Spotlight - Century Batteries Part 2
5/8 Video Thumbnail Tough Tour Returns To Dargo
6/8 Video Thumbnail Eagle Campers • Camp In Luxury Competition
7/8 Video Thumbnail S13 Ep4 Noticeboard
8/8 Video Thumbnail Hally Sings Goodbye To The Tough Tour

Whats Up Downunder, Tough Tour Ep4

Macca and Tania Kernaghan end their Century Batteries Tough Tour and return to Dargo. But not before taking on some very tough hill climbs and dealing with a major storm front.

So, join Macca and Tania Kernaghan for the 3rd stage of the Tough Tour as they race against time before the storm front arrives and show you What’s Up Downunder….

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