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Witi Journey Simple

Western Australia, Products & Accessories

Address: Leisure Technologies Pty Ltd Unit 3 87 Winton Road Joondalup Western Australia 6027

WiTi began during a camping trip with two good mates, Tony and Andre. Frustrated with having to fix cables and plugs when towing off road the idea was born, what about going wireless? We fondly remember that evening spent around a warm campfire with a bottle of good red wine discussing the possibilities and how it would work whilst the kids toasted marshmallows on the fire.

The product was developed over the next couple of years, enhanced with new ideas along the way and launched to the market in January 2018. Since then WiTi has grown from strength to strength and is now the leading Anti-Theft, Wireless Towing and Wireless Brake Controller solution in Australia and New Zealand.

WiTi is designed, developed and manufactured in house, from circuit boards to plastic enclosures at our factory in Perth. We are 100% Australian owned and manufactured, something we are immensely proud of.

We still enjoy our camping trips with warm fires and good red wine and this is where we retreat to when we need to test our products, plan new ones and hold our directors meetings. Maybe one day we’ll meet you out there, we look forward to it.

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