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Urban Caravans

Victoria, RV/Caravan Manufacturer

Address: Melbourne, VIC, Australia, Victoria

Urban Caravans is one of the few manufacturers of caravans that uses tig welds in the manufacturing process. These tig welds allow for a tough no rot aluminium frame that produces a long-lasting and sturdy caravan. These caravans are ideal for semi-off-road or full-off-road use.

Urban caravans
Steve Trajcevski is the founder and head of Urban Caravans. His love for building caravans started at the early age of 16 and has followed him ever since. With a passion inherited through his father Con, a manufacturing entrepreneur himself, Steve was always going to make it in the world of caravans.

Back in 1970, Con was manufacturing Opal Caravans with his two brothers Jim and Nick. Eventually, in 1986 the company name was changed to Regal Caravans, under the advice of their primary dealer. This new fresh name was chosen specifically to represent the quality of the product and road caravans they were building as a family.

Sensing his son’s passion for joining the family business, Con ensured that Steve Trajcevski completed an upholstery and furniture-making apprenticeship. Equipped with the skills and knowledge required, Steve was well on his way to building quality caravan furniture and upholstery. Such a skillset was ideal and reflected positively on the overall fit and finish of the caravans. In fact, Steve Trajcevski was awarded “Apprentice Upholsterer of the Year” on more than one occasion.

When all seemed to be going well and Steve was growing into a key figure in the business, the Australian economy had other plans. Due to the recession that hit Australia in 1989, infamously known as “the recession we had to have,” the family caravan manufacturing business had to close. Subsequently, the three brothers went their own ways, with Con and Steve continuing their own business.

Steve and his father founded New Age Upholstery, a business in the furniture and upholstery industry. New Age Upholstery is still trading and till this day continues to service the caravan industry and other industries with premium products.

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