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True Brew Brewery

Victoria, Restaurants, Wineries & Breweries

Address: 97 Beischer St, East Bendigo VIC 3550

True Brew in a nut shell…

Step 1 – Pick your favourite beer from their list of over 200 beers (If you like corona, becks, Asahi, etc. they have recipes for all most every beer to choose from)!

Step 2 – They provide you with your recipe sheet, you then gather together the ingredients listed on your recipe sheet.

Step 3 – You then follow their beer brewing process sheet, adding the appropriate ingredients at the right stages into 1 of our 6 stainless steel brewing kettles.

Step 4 – Once you have brewed your beer, it’s over to them. They look after if for you as it ferments in their temperature controlled room for 2 weeks.

Step 5 – Once your 2 weeks are up you come back to bottle your beer and it’s ready to drink! Popular option is to get true brew to design a personalised label for you!

Happy drinking!

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