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Rothbury Padle Steamer

Victoria, Tourism

Address: Paddlesteamers Melbourne & Rothbury, Hugh King Drive, Mildura, Victoria, Australia

Many years of experience, has allowed Rothbury Paddle Steamers to be quite diverse in their cruise options. These can be tailored to to suit birthdays, family gatherings, business promotions, conferences, private cruises or work functions.

Duration and time of cruises
Number of guests (from 20 to a large combined charter using all the vessels of up to 600)
Choice of 3 vessels
Your choice of caterer (please ask us for a list of caterers with experience on the boats)
Your selection of band, soloist, DJ, juke box etc
Freedom to decorate (please discuss)
Table layouts (Some safety issues need to be considered)
Various destinations
Any other aspect that you feel may make your cruise special and memorable.

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