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Roadstar Caravans

Queensland, South Australia, Victoria, Tasmania, Northern Territory, Australian Capital Territory, RV/Caravan Manufacturer, New South Wales, Western Australia

Address: 828 - 830 Cooper Street, Somerton, Victoria 3062

Luxury style, quality finish & freedom of choice: the Roadstar™ experience.

Roadstar Caravans is the Australian market leader in designing, building & supplying superior caravans. A Roadstar Caravan means high-quality craftsmanship & attention to detail.  For more than two decades, they have developed a hard-earned reputation for accommodating to clients’ specific needs, delivering value for money and attention to detail.  They utilise the latest technologies and employ experienced professional personnel to continually deliver a five star customer experience.


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Custom designed to suit any lifestyle, all of the models in their extensive range combine state-of-the-art features according to their clients’ unique needs.  Safety, expert craftsmanship and quality assurance take centre stage during the rigorous inspections conducted throughout the production phase.   Backed by superior customer service, they remain committed to satisfying each client’s desire to create their own unique home away from home.

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