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Victoria, Products & Accessories


Purazine™ is a new offering for unprecedented times.

Based in Victoria, Australia Purazine™ is the authorised distributor of Nanocyn®

Disinfectant & Sanitiser.

Nanocyn® has been a global market-leading manufacturer of disinfectants and sanitiser products for nearly 20 years.  Nanocyn® together with Purazine’s DRY VAPOUR delivery technology will enable your business to meet the challenge of our unprecedented times – include killing COVID-19 virus.

Purazine’s goal is to make Nanocyn® and our Dry Vapour technology available to all workplaces, cafes, restaurants, schools, hospitals or more in order to create a safe and more secure environment.

Purazine™also enables you to demonstrate to your customers your commitment cleanliness by allowing the use of the ‘Purazine™ Safe Environment Seal’

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