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Optitec Remote Control Jockey Wheel is designed to replace and upgrade the traditional jockey wheel, or complement a permanent folding jockey wheel for caravans, boat trailers or heavy trailers. With height adjustment of 250mm it’s easy to clamp onto the chassis of caravan or trailer and locked as a normal support stand when caravan or trailer is parked.

Optitec Remote Control Jockey Wheel enables users to manoeuver their caravans, boat trailers and heavy trailers as easily as possible using the Remote Control.

Optitec Remote Control Jockey Wheel utilizes a powerful motor to drive the Wheel in all directions on hard surfaces at approximately 8 metres per minute with safe maneuvering of caravans or trailers of 3,500kg. Power is supplied from either a 12V DC auxiliary battery or the caravan or boat in-built supply and can also be supplied from a “Jump Start” unit. The Optitec V2 mover has current overload protection limited to 50amps and has integrated thermal protection, which will protect the machine if attempting to operate it beyond its limits.

Optitec Remote Control Jockey Wheel has the capacity to traverse an incline of up to 20 degrees depending on the trailer weight and available surface traction. (Note – this does NOT mean the Optitec V2 can push any size trailer up 20 degrees. The lighter the trailer, the greater the incline possible). Our motor/transmission testing was carried out using a 2500kg trailer up 6 to 8 degree inclines.   *Caution must be used whenever operating in the vicinity of sloped or uneven surfaces (*see all Safety warnings in the manual).

Optitec Remote Control Jockey Wheel supports a loaded weight of 350kg. It is extremely portable with total weight of 22kg. The size of the Optitec Wheel is 326x220x760mm and can be easily packed in a car to travel.

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