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A trip to the Northern Territory is not complete without visiting the spectacular “Nitmiluk Gorge”. Open all year round, it features some of the most stunning gorge scenery in the Northern Territory, with raging waterfalls, a myriad of wildlife and breathtaking views of the Jawoyn country.

Nitmiluk Gorge winds along 12km of sheer rock extending more than 70m high. Consisting of 13 seperate gorges, Nitmiluk Gorge is a maze of waterways sculpted from the sandstone over countless millennia by the Katherine River. Nitmiluk Tours is the specialist agent offering a great variety of tours that allow you to immerse yourself in the history, rugged beauty and culture of this majestic region. Cruise, canoe, walk, fly, swim, and embrace Nitmiluk Gorge.


Popular belief divides the Top End into two seasons, wet and dry. However, for the Jawoyn people, who are traditional custodians and owners of Nitmiluk National Park, the year does not divide so simply.

The Jawoyn identify at least five major and many more minor seasons in the annual cycle which are defined by the ebb and flow of nature. In Jawoyn culture, there is a time to hunt, a time to harvest and a time to roam.

Your experiences at Nitmiluk also vary with the Jawoyn seasons. In the drier weather – Pankarrang, Malapparr and Jungalk – escape the cooler temperatures of the southern winter and enjoy blue skies, warm dry days and cool nights…perfect for outdoor adventures and touring.
Witness impressive electrical storms, sun showers and warm humid weather during the wetter seasons – Kuran, and Jiyowk. The waterfalls are in full flow, the river is a mighty torrent, and the landscape is lush green.


The Jawoyn people are the traditional owners of the area known as Nitmiluk National Park. For thousands of years they have maintained their culture and traditions through the stories passed from one generation to another – the Dreamtime. Bula – The Creator – came from the salt water country in the north and is regarded as the most important figure in Jawoyn dreaming. Another important dreaming figure was Nagorrko, who divided the people into two main groups, and through this social grouping, teaches about correct behavior and marriage relationships. Bolung – the Rainbow Serpent, who is believed to inhabit the deep green pools on our land including the deep pool in the second of the Nitmiluk Gorges, is both an important life-giving figure but may also act as a destroyer.
The characters play a significant role in Jawoyn traditions, ceremonies and relationships and appear in stories across the region.

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