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My Dream RV


Address: 7 Nexus road , Epping , VIC 3076

My Dream RV is excited to venture into the space of Caravans and hope to be a part of the social fabric of outdoor living in Australia soon.The attention to detail and craftsmanship of each individual RV stems from the ethos of the team who bring over 50 years’ experience in Australian caravan manufacturing and global business streams.Our designs have been put together keeping aesthetics, safety and build quality in mind for each individual customer. A mélange of international and local designers have got together to ensure that each caravan is a statement in itself and would become a must have for the adventure seeking clients. There has been a special focus to understand the nuances of the local market as well to ensure we don’t lose the essence of the great Australian way of doing thingsTo ensure that a high quality product is available at an affordable price there has been a lot of effort on optimizing the manufacturing process and supply chains, having better systems and processes in place and an overall technology centric environment across the boardMathew John the managing director at my Dream RV sees the world as a global village, Mathew has offices across 12 countries covering most of the continents of the world. Leveraging this huge network will help the business evolve and be responsive to ever changing needs of the market. His success mantra has always been to marry global and local practices to deliver world class products and services. This plethora of experience helps understanding the needs of the end customer. The Vision is very clear we want to be the next trend setters in the industry, we are here to change the landscape of mobile caravans and want to enjoy our learning and success with our end users.

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