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Mpc mags and tyres
MPC Mags and Tyres

Address: 16 Scammel Street Campbellfield, Victoria, Australia

MPC specialises in a wide range of Alloy Wheels and Tyres for the Caravan, Trailer and Chassis industries.

Located in Campbellfield – the heart of the caravan and chassis industry, MPC holds the competitive advantage of being able to witness first hand product gaps in the market which enables them to pro-actively create wheel and tyre solutions.

At MPC we strive to provide a professional level of service and extremely timely logistics.

By the introduction of our private labelled tyre, the MPC PRIVATE BRAND; we are market leaders in pricing and availability. 
The range consists of the 
LT195R15LT DS828
LT205/70/15 MPC 27 
LT235/75/15 MPC 27 A/T BSW  10 PLY 116/113S
LT235/75/15 MPC 24 A/T WSW 10 PLY 116/113S
LT245/75/16 MPC 24 A/T WSW 10 PLY 120/116S
LT265/75/16 MPC 24 A/T WSW 10 PLY 123/120S
LT235/75/15 MPC MUDZILLA M/T WSW 10 PLY 116/113S – WORLD FIRST !!!!
LT245/75/16 MPC MUDZILLA M/T WSW 10 PLY 120/116S
LT265/75/16 MPC MUDZILLA M/T WSW 10 PLY 123/120R
LT265/70/17 MPC MUDZILLA M/T WSW 10 PLY 121/118R

With a dynamic range of wheels and tyres we are able to offer our clients access to a large variety of stock at the most competitive market prices.

As an added incentive we can offer private labelling. An exclusive range of wheels for our customers from the initial concept, to the designing and developing, to the finished product. We have experienced how this increases brand marketing, productivity and maximises profitability for each of our clients.

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