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Kui Parks

Caravan Parks, Victoria

Address: PO Box 37 Grange QLD 4051

Kui Parks was borne from a need that has been identified through research with our travelling nomads in Australia. Many travel on a budget making many of the holiday / family and destination caravan parks on the expensive side for them.  Others have stated that they do not need all the additional facilities offered at larger caravan parks – yet land up paying for them when they stay there.

Kui Parks provide caravan parks which offer you what you are really looking for: a well maintained park, clean, friendly – and good value for money.  The challenge is that most people are not always aware that many of these less expensive small to medium, owner operated parks are already offering these great services…or even know where they can be found!  We aim to make these parks known to you. Kui Parks is bringing together these great caravan parks and the thousands of nomads seeking great value for money. Get yourself a Kui Parks membership and enjoy the journey and adventure!

Join for 24 months for just $40 (GST Inc). Get your membership today. Memberships can be purchased at any of our member parks or on line.

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